Base surface treatment: for the concrete wall structure suitable for the metal fastener dry plate structure, when there is a raised part on the surface that affects the installation of the plate, it shall be chiseled and trimmed. The flatness of the wall is generally controlled at 4mm / 2m, and the vertical deviation of the wall is within H / 1000 or 20mm. If necessary, make a gray mark to control the flatness of the plate installation. After cleaning the base surface, loosen the thread. When required by the design, a layer of waterproof agent shall be coated on the surface of the building foundation, or other methods shall be adopted to enhance the leakproofness of the external wall.

Snapping line: vertical line and horizontal line hung on the wall to control the verticality and levelness of plywood. According to the design requirements and construction setting out drawing, the position line and block line of the installation plate shall be popped out. Use theodolite to make vertical control line on both sides of large angle to ensure smooth installation. The scribe must be accurate, usually from the center of the wall to both sides, so that the wall errors are evenly distributed in the slats. When laying the line, pay attention to the gap between the boards. In addition to the decoration of metal strips, the gap between polished plates can be 1-2mm, and the gap between hot granite plates and plates is very large. Some, rough grinding surface, pitted surface, stripe surface with 5mm gap, natural surface with 10 mm gap.

Punching or slotting: according to the design size, drill holes on the upper and lower surfaces of the plate, with the hole diameter of 7 mm or 8 mm and the hole depth of 22-33 mm. The pins and appropriate clearance allowance are compatible with the stainless steel size. The punching plane shall be perpendicular to the bit and the drilling position shall be accurate. The hand grinder can be used to open the groove when the stone is fixed by the plate pin. Clean the stone chips and dust in the area of the hole slot with pneumatic * * *.

Fixed connection: according to the construction setting out drawing and the drilling position of the butt plate, use the impact drill to impact the corresponding position of the structure, and the hole is required to be perpendicular to the structure surface. Then open the expansion bolt and install the L-shaped stainless steel connection. After fastening, tighten with a wrench. The hole on the connecting plate is elliptical, which is convenient for adjustment.