Almost every household of our company has to use metal pipe fittings. It's true that the types of such products are different and the use environment is quite different. However, it is believed that consumers are more willing to buy high-quality pipe fittings. After all, such products need to be used for a long time. If there is a problem, it may cause unnecessary trouble. Although the size of metal pipe fittings is relatively small, and the amount of each family may not be very large, but the overall price will still have a large gap. So what are the factors that affect the unit price of metal fittings? Here is a brief introduction.

The first influencing factor is different brand types. The price of different types of metal pipe fittings is bound to have some differences, but the brand has a greater impact on the product price, especially this kind of hardware products. Brand products have a better reputation in the market, and we have a certain understanding of them. We believe that more consumers are willing to buy brand metal pipe fittings, and the slightly higher price makes consumers more comfortable. The quality of some new small brand products is also quite good. As long as they can meet the needs of consumers, such brands can be good choices.

Second, the purchase channels are different. If the same type of metal pipe fittings are purchased through different channels, their prices are bound to vary greatly. If we want to wholesale such metal pipe fittings and engage in the sales of such products for a long time, we can directly find the manufacturer to ensure the quality and quality of the products. If it's a personal purchase of metal pipe fittings, they are basically purchased through the store, and the price will be slightly higher. However, because the quantity we buy is not large, the unit price will be slightly higher, which is also recognized by consumers.

Third, product quality. In fact, the price of metal pipe fittings is affected by the quality. The price of metal pipe fittings with better quality is relatively high simply based on the cost price. Therefore, there will be no ultra-low price sale of the metal pipe fittings. Even if we buy products directly through manufacturers, there will be no ultra-low price. After all, manufacturers also need to guarantee their own profits. Therefore, if you want to buy products with better quality, you should not choose some metal fittings with clearance or ultra-low price, so you must pay special attention to the price. The products with high cost performance are our products. We can also directly send some samples to other manufacturers, so as to guarantee the quality of their products.

The fourth influencing factor is after-sales service and purchase quantity. Generally speaking, metal pipe fittings will not have any serious problems. If it's a quality problem, it can be returned directly. If it's a quality problem, ***** signs a contract with it, and the other factory will act according to the contract to ensure our interests. The merchants who can provide after-sales service or promise to help us to return and exchange goods free of charge are our choice, and their charges will be a little higher. Now the major manufacturers will provide relevant after-sales services. After all, they will continue to cooperate for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to compare their oral commitment that **** can be implemented into the contract or agreement. If we buy more products in batch and pay for them in one time, we can also guarantee the price of **** and the manufacturer will give us a quotation, which can save more costs.