With the continuous and high-speed development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards and health awareness, PPR water pipes are entering thousands of households. As a connecting channel between water source and life, they need stable and worry free quality assurance. Healthy and green products are the basic conditions for the construction of urban civilization and healthy homes, and also the inevitable choice to solve the health problems of human drinking water and sustainable development.

The change of natural ecology makes people gradually realize the importance of green environmental protection pipeline. Green environmental protection refers to the production process and its own energy-saving, water-saving, low pollution, low toxicity, renewable and recyclable products. It can make use of energy in nature, reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution to the maximum extent.
Chengjia PPR water pipe adheres to the concept of green environmental protection, uses Nordic chemical raw materials, green environmental protection, no environmental pollution in production, construction and use, and has a service life of up to 70 years. With its excellent safety, reliability, cleanliness, durability, environmental protection and other advantages, it can deliver clean and high-quality water for people, so that every family can drink safe water It is not only the choice of pipe materials, but also the adherence to the concept of healthy life.

It is precisely because of many advantages of PPR pipe that we believe that in the future to improve the quality of water supply and improve the safety and health of public drinking water, PPR pipe will turn the tide!