For most consumers, the knowledge about the cold brittleness of PPR water pipe is not very clear. Due to the false propaganda of some businesses, even think that this is the poor performance of PPR water pipe, good PPR water pipe will not crack due to cold brittleness. So is it true? What should we think about the phenomenon of PPR water pipe?
What is the cold brittleness of PPR water pipe
In the case of low temperature, especially in winter, the rigidity of PPR pipe is enhanced, while the flexibility is reduced, which shows that the whole pipe becomes brittle, which is the cold brittleness of PPR pipe.
Why there is cold brittleness in PPR pipe
PPR is random copolymerized polypropylene, which is what we call type III polypropylene. It is obtained by random copolymerization of propylene monomer and a small amount of ethylene monomer under the action of heating, pressure and catalyst. Ethylene monomers are randomly distributed in the long chain of propylene, and ethylene monomers are generally controlled between 3-5%. The characteristics of cold brittleness are determined by the ethylene content and the polymerization mode of ethylene and propylene.

As for how to prevent the cold brittle fracture of PPR pipe, the national standard GB / t50349-2005 has already made clear requirements. In the specific operation process, attention should be paid to:
In fact, cold brittleness is the inherent material characteristics of PPR, which can not be avoided. This is why it is necessary to install insulation sleeves for PPR water pipes outdoors. After we understand the principle, we should pay attention to avoid the damage of PPR pipeline caused by cold brittleness and violent construction.
In winter, due to the influence of low temperature weather, the decoration materials are easy to be damaged. It's hard to buy the original imported water pipes. If they are damaged due to improper protection, it's too much to lose. Whether the imported water pipes or domestic water pipes are not decorated immediately, they should be well protected, especially in the harsh environment, the original imported water pipes should be paid more attention.
1. Special attention shall be paid to the installation of original imported water pipe materials in winter. If the original imported water pipe has been damaged, it must be checked clearly to avoid any hidden danger in the future. The construction process must be in strict accordance with the relevant national technical regulations or technical manual requirements. It is strictly prohibited to operate in violation of regulations to shorten the construction period.
2. In winter, anti freezing measures shall be taken for the exposed inlet water pipes to avoid pipeline frost cracking.
3. During the Spring Festival, all the owners may want to go back to their hometown. At this time, the house will be empty. At this time, it is better to close the water valve and empty the water in the original import water pipe to prevent the water in the pipe from freezing.
In extremely cold weather, no matter the original imported water pipe or other material pipes are used, the insulation work of water pipe in winter cannot be ignored. Once the water in the water pipe freezes and expands, it is easy to cause the water pipe to burst. You can wrap the water pipe with a towel, and then pour it slowly with warm water. This is the right way. You can't bake it with fire or scald it with boiling water.